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Getting Medications Prescribed Remotely

With the Internet revolutionizing the way people live, work and think, entire industries are moving to the virtual world. Most enterprises and businesses today operate out of the web space making it extremely convenient for individuals the world over to avail themselves of items they require for a comfortable lifestyle.  The United Kingdom has capitalized on this phenomenon to provide its citizens world-class healthcare and medication via the web, for quick and convenient dispatch so that patients receive adequate medical care from the comfort of their homes.

There are two ways patients can purchase prescription drugs online. The first involves obtaining a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner and forwarding the prescription to an online pharmacy for filling. An alternate method is to contact a pharmacy that provides an online consultation with a doctor remotely who prescribes certain medication after a consultation and consideration of the patient's symptoms. The latter does not involve an in-person examination. Following the prescription, the online pharmacy then ships the medication to the patient's billing address after the patient emails or faxes the prescription in. Most patients choose to order medicine online to save time or avail themselves of good discounts and offers. A few pharmacies also accept medical insurance.

Online Social Media Page

The Online Clinic is an established, reliable online healthcare provider licensed by the Care Quality Commission. This virtual clinic is popular among internet users in the UK for online medical prescriptions. The Online Clinic only employs doctors registered with the General Medical Council in the UK.

The Online Clinic has harnessed the reach of the internet to to offer patients consultations from world renowned doctors and medication purchases from their well-stocked pharmacy. Patients looking for a trustworthy consultation online can head to the Online Clinic Facebook page, where user posts attest the reliability, quality and efficiency of the clinic's services.

The official website of The Online Clinic is secure and user friendly. Patients can register for free and request a consultation with medical experts. Those who would prefer a face to face consultation can also request one, and the clinic makes the required arrangements. Following a free consultation with The Online Clinic, if a patient decides not to proceed with the treatment and prescription, he or she can request that confidential details be deleted from the database.

Reliable Portals Online

Trustpilot is a reliable portal that garners user reviews on online shops. Individuals looking for medical prescriptions online can find trustworthy and safe pharmacies through a TrustPilot review. Internet users will find the reviews and feedback on medical stores and clinics under ‘Health and Well being'.  The section is well organized into healthcare categories for ease of navigation. Users reviews will help patients find the best pharmacies or clinics to fill an online prescription.

Care Quality Commission

Patients looking for medical consultations or pharmacies online must ensure that the clinic they approach is licensed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. This authority reviews the services and authenticity of clinics and pharmacies online, and the results of the review are published on their website. A good Care Quality Commission review ensures that the online medical prescription is not unsafe or fraudulent.

Hospitals, Dental clinics, care homes, GP surgeries and other services in England are inspected regularly to provide consumers high-quality, effective and safe medical care. Medical services by online clinics and pharmacies are evaluated based on national standards prescribed for the United Kingdom.

Prescribing guidelines by the GMC, United Kingdom

Doctors who do remote prescriptions should be registered with the GMC. The GMC (General Medical Council), UK, provides that while some drugs and treatments may be prescribed online, medical practitioners must be cognizant of the limitations of electronic communications and strictly follow prescribing guidelines with their patients.

According to the GMC, before a doctor can prescribe medication for a patient via telephone, a video-link or any other online means, the doctor must be satisfied that the assessment of the patient is adequate and precise, a dialogue has been established and the patient's consent obtained before a prescription has been made. It is of paramount importance that the doctor has a full and up-to-date medical history of the patient to ascertain the following.

·          Prior adverse reactions to medicines.

·          Recent use of prescription, non-prescription drugs and herbal medicines.

·         Allergies and other medical conditions.

Doctors and medical practitioners are required to undertake a physical examination before prescribing non-surgical cosmetic procedures and products like Vistabel, Dysport, Botox and other injectable medication. Thus, treatments and medication involving these drugs and procedures cannot be prescribed via electronic communication.

If the patient has not been referred to an official licensed online clinic (this one is a good example of a licensed clinic) by their general practitioner or the doctor does not have access to their medical records or provided them with face-to-face care, in such cases the medical practitioner must undertake the following actions.

·         Provide his or her name and GMC number

·         Explain the treatment and invite the patients to express concerns or queries.

Doctors prescribing for a patient in a Nursing home or care home or a hospice must communicate with the patient or the caregiver to make a thorough assessment and ensure that any instructions like administration or monitoring the patient’s condition are clearly understood acknowledged.


Stringent consultations and prescription guidelines, coupled with reliable, medical practitioners in the United Kingdom ensures that patients availing themselves of remote medical care are in safe hands.

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