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Here at West Cornwall Health Watch a healthy lifestyle is on the top of our priority list! We know how special your family and friends are and how much you love making memories with them. It is heartbreaking to see a loved one sick or injured, and equally as bad when you are sick and injured and cannot enjoy life to the fullest with them. We all want to be healthy and happy and carefree when it comes to our bodies and we all want to reach our full potentials in all that we do. 

At this time of year, now more than ever, it is imperative to stay healthy and fit. With the cold weather coming in we are more and more at risk of catching illnesses and not being able to fight them off. Colds, flu and coughs are the most common and if left untreated or if you are not healthy and strong to begin with they can worsen into more severe illnesses. Injuries too are easier to get in this kind of weather, with icy roads we need to be more careful when out driving or walking. Our bodies also become stiff when we are cold so we are not as supple as we normally would be in warmer times. This means that we are more likely to pull muscles, strain muscles and even break bones. The skin can also take its toll on our skin, making it more susceptible to cracking, bruising and cutting and therefore leading to infections and sores. 



West Cornwall Health Watch provides free expert advice on how to stay healthy and safe. We can give you exercise and diet plans suited to your needs, as well as tips and tricks on how to stay warm in your home, how to make sure that your house is free of germs and also how to be safe in the community. All of our information is available to download and print so that you can keep it with you wherever you need to go. You can find the information by either typing in the type of advice you need or by typing in the problems you seem to be having. E.g. you could either type in ’hand sanitizers’ or ’how to stop spreading germs’ and you would get similar results.


If you are sick or injured we can provide diagnosis for you. All you need to do is type in your symptoms and we can give you a brief of what it might be. We can then advise you on the medication to take or tips to follow to get back to your normal self. If we feel that you need to see a doctor or other type of health professional then we will advise this instead of offering a diagnosis. We can also give diagnosis over Skype, instant messaging and telephone.




We have a directory of all the health care professionals in your local area and can provide these to you.

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